What is leadership? Definition, Meaning & Importance | Emeritus India (2023)


What is leadership? Definition, Meaning & Importance | Emeritus India (1)

“Management is doing things right; Leadership does the right things,” says renowned management coach and author Peter F. Drucker. He used the quote to demonstrate the difference between management and leadership.

It is often believed that a good manager is always a good leader. This is not true, however, because behaviors that make a person a good leader are often not innovation-friendly. Read on to learn what leadership is and how it differs from management.

What is leadership?

"The act of leading a group of people or an organization."

This is how the Oxford Dictionary defines leadership. In simple terms, leadership means taking risks and challenging the status quo. Leaders motivate others to achieve something new and better. Interestingly, leaders do not do what they do to pursue innovation as a commitment. They measure success by looking at team performance and learning.

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In contrast, management is about delegating responsibilities and getting employees to follow the rules in order to reduce risk and achieve predictable results. A manager is responsible for fulfilling four critical functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Unlike leaders, managers don't question the status quo. Instead, they strive to preserve it. They evaluate success by seeing if the team has met expectations.

Leadership vs Management: What's the Difference?

Leaders and managers use different approaches to achieve their goals. For example, managers strive for compliance with rules and procedures, while leaders benefit from breaking the norm and challenging the status quo. This is the difference between leadership and management.

  • Vision

executives and managershave other visions. Executives are visionaries while managers are implementers. Managers set goals for their team. Managers ensure that the goal set by their superiors is achieved.

  • Organize vs Align

Managers achieve their goals by delegating responsibilities within the team. They tactically distribute the work among subordinates and organize the available resources needed to achieve the goal.

Meanwhile, leaders motivate people. They focus on the personal development of their team alongside working to achieve company goals. They envision the future growth of their team and work towards achieving it.

  • Analyze and evaluate

A leader analyzes and evaluates each situation in order to achieve new and better results. While a manager doesn't analyze or evaluate, they focus on questions like the how and when that will help them achieve the goals. They accept and strive to achieve the status quo.

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What do executives do?

Leaders are not always individuals holding higher ranks in an organization. But they are people known for their faith and work ethic. A leader is passionate about their work and passes their enthusiasm on to their peers so they can achieve their goals. If you feel that you don't currently have the appropriate skills, you may consider acquiring one of theleadership coursesor a leadership training program.

What are the different types of leadership?

All leaders have a unique style that sets them apart. So these are differenttypes of leadershipStyles help you decide what kind of leader you want to be. Accordingly, you can improve your skills with the best leadership training program. Continue reading.

  • Autocratic Leadership

A leader who has complete control over his team is referred to as an autocratic leader. They never bend their beliefs and rules for anyone. In addition, her team has no say in business decisions. In addition, the team is expected to follow the path set by the leader.

This archaicmanagement stylehas very few takers because it discourages change. And modern leaders are changing the definition of leadership and redefining what leadership is with their groundbreaking decisions.

  • Let-Führung

Laissez-faire derives from a French word meaning "let do". “The practice of non-interference in the affairs of others, particularly in relation to individual conduct or freedom of action,” dictionary.com defines. This type of leadership gives team members the freedom to do their work however they want. They are given the freedom to bring their perspective and intelligence to the execution of business functions. If you take a leadership course, you will learn about it in detail.

  • democratic leadership

With this type of leadership, team members and managers contribute equally to the realization of the company's goals. In addition, they work together and motivate each other to achieve their personal goals. This type of management leads to a positive working atmosphere.

  • bureaucratic leadership

In this type of leadership, leaders strictly adhere to organizational rules and guidelines. They make sure their team members do the same. Bureaucratic leaders are often organized and self-motivated.

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There is no right or wrong leadership style. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what kind of leader you want to become.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

1. Honesty and Integrity:Leaders value virtue and honesty. You have people who believe in you and your vision.

2. Inspiration:Leaders are self-motivating and that makes them great influencers. They are a good inspiration for their followers. They help others understand their role in a larger context.

3. Communication skills:Leaders have great communication skills. They are transparent with their team and share failures and successes with them.

4. Vision:Managers are visionaries. They have a clear idea of ​​what they want and how to achieve it. As good communicators, leaders can successfully share their vision with the team.

5. Never give up the ghost:Leaders question the status quo. So they never give up easily. They also have unique ways of solving a problem.

6. Intuitive:Leadership coach Hortense le Gentil believes leaders should rely on their intuition when making difficult decisions. Mainly because intuition relies heavily on a person's existing knowledge and life experiences, which turns out to be more useful in complex situations.

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7. Empathy:A leader should be an emotional and empathetic person as this helps them form a strong bond with their team. Additionally, these qualities help a leader address the problems, grievances, and aspirations of their team members.

8. Goal:Although empathy is an important quality to possess in a leader, it is not advisable to let emotions cloud you when making an important business decision. Therefore, a good leader should be objective.

9. Intelligence:A good leader must be intelligent enough to come up with business solutions to difficult problems. Additionally, a leader should be analytical and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. This quality can be improved with an all-encompassing leadership training program.

10. Cosmopolitanism and Creativity:A good leader is someone who is open to new ideas, opportunities and perspectives. Being a good leader means understanding that there is no right way to do things. Therefore, a good leader is always willing to listen, observe and be willing to change. They are also lateral thinkers and encourage their teams to do so. When you sign up for a leadership course, all of these things will be part of the curriculum.

11. Patient:A good leader understands that a business strategy takes time to develop and produce results. In addition, they also believe that "continuous improvement and patience" lead to success.

12. Flexible:Because leaders understand the concept of "continuous improvement," they also know that adaptability will lead them to success. Nothing goes according to plan. Therefore, flexibility and intuition help a manager to assert himself in complex situations.

Discover leadership training programs

A good organization needs both effective managers and leaders. The key is to balance the skills with a quality educational degree. Emeritus believes in providing quality and affordable courses in various fields including leadership and management. They have partnered with world-class universities around the world to provide quality education.

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Retired Indiahosts a series of leadership courses that provide insights into the real world and help you learn more about leadership. So, if you are pursuing a degree that gives you insight into becoming a good leader, enroll in an all-encompassing leadership program.

There is no right way to tell if someone is a good manager or a leader as the roles and responsibilities of manager and leader are different. However, a good leader and manager is the peers who learn from their mistakes. You work on yourself and motivate others to do the same. Therefore, always remember that the most important quality for any manager or leader is self-confidence.


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