Try a new craft or hobby in these classes and workshops (2023)


Try a new craft or hobby in these classes and workshops (1)

Courtesy of Bowood Farms

There are many organizations in St. Louis that offer a variety of classes and workshops for anyone interested in nurturing their creative side. Here's our guide to some of the many crafting classes on offer around town this spring, whether your natural skills lean more towards macaroni necklaces or mastery of woodworking. Be sure to check with the organizations in advance for registration and schedule details and enjoy the thrill of making something new.


Vintage bound book binding

3762 S.Broadway,

Self-taught bookbinder Katie Calfee leads Perennial's Vintage Hardcover Bookbinding workshop, where she teaches students her own method of upcycling vintage books. Her class teaches class book binding, signature sewing, proper gluing methods, and paper tearing.

candle making

Candle Making Sessions

104 South Main Street,

Get started or expand your candle making skills at the Candle Fusion Studio, which is open for walk-in appointments and offers group classes and sessions. Customers can explore more than 100 fragrances to mix their perfect scent. In addition to creating a custom soy candle, items such as room sprays, body mists, spa salts, and wax tarts are available.

Candle Making Sessions

15 E. Fifth St. Eureka,

From choosing a container, to choosing scents, to making the candle itself, the Candle Opera has everything you need to make your own personalized candle. The appointment-only sessions can be booked for up to eight people and provide you with all the materials and guidance you need.


Try a new craft or hobby in these classes and workshops (2)

Courtesy of @laumeierstl Instagram


throw wheel

12580 Rottstraße,

The Laumeier Sculpture Park offers two options for 5-week courses in wheel throwing. The first course for 8 to 15 year olds teaches the basics of using the potter's wheel, basic techniques and glazing. Older children and adults, aged 16+, can take the course to learn wheel tossing and glazing – suitable for both novice and experienced veterinarians.

Different classes

5080 Delmar Blvd.,

With 19 different clay workshops/classes - including courses on sustainable wood fire, surface design and decoration, and soda kiln glazing - you're sure to find something that suits your skill level at Craft Alliance.

Different classes

3816 S.Broadway,

Looking for your next fun date idea? Look no further. The South Broadway Art Project (SBAP) offers "Clay Date Night" on Friday and Saturday nights. In these courses, couples receive a crash course on the potter's wheel so that they can finally fulfill itGeistFantasy. In addition, SBAP has a mug-making workshop, a painting workshop for your own pottery, and open pottery workshops where lessons are offered if needed, but you are encouraged to do what you like. You can learn a specific technique, work on a piece, or just learn about clay and have fun.


Drawing Basics & Drawing: Level 2

5080 Delmar Blvd.,

Develop your visual accuracy, work on your drawing skills, and explore the Craft Alliance's diverse drawing offerings, including Drawing Basics and Drawing: Level 2, with a variety of drawing tools and interfaces.

Introduction to drawing figures and mastering still life

12 North Jackson Ave.,

The St. Louis Artist's Guild offers oneIntroduction to figure drawing lessons—starting June 9—, which will teach students the techniques and skills of figure drawing, andmastery of still life- starting March 19 - which guides students through the process of creating a still life drawing from start to finish.


Try a new craft or hobby in these classes and workshops (3)

Courtesy of @craftalliance Instagram

fiber art

Crafts and fiber art workshops

5080 Delmar Blvd.,

Houseplants and creative planters are trending, and at Craft Alliance, students can learn how to make oneMacrame Plant Holderto free their plants from the threshold of their windowsills. In addition to this course, the Delmar Arts org has 20 other fiber art workshops to choose from.

Crochet Basket & Woven Bracelets

3762 S.Broadway,

If you are interested in making a crocheted basket or some woven bracelets, Perennial is your one stop shop. During the crochet basket class, students will learn the basics of basket making using simple crochet techniques. The woven bracelet course focuses on some beginner weaving techniques including tabby weaving, warping a small loom and bracelet finishing.

Sewing courses (all levels)

6700 Arsenalstr.,

Whether you are a hobbyist or an expert, City Sewing Room (CSR) is the perfect solution. They offer 10 courses - including sewing machine basics, youth sewing and pattern matching - and host various sewing events throughout the year.

Gardening/floral arrangements

Various garden courses

4344 Shaw Boulevard,

Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge of gardening or just want to study natural history in general, the Missouri Botanical Garden has it covered. The garden offers a wide range of courses throughout the year. Options offered include rose garden, therapeutic garden, and a Back to Basics Garden Boot Camp. A full catalog of the classes is available

St. Louis master gardener training

132 E. Monroe Avenue & 4344 Shaw Blvd.,

St. Louis Master Gardener helps the community by training students what else to be? master gardener. The organization offers training on a variety of topics, including everything from oils, composting and mulching to landscaping and garden design.


9844 Manchester Rd.,

Whether you're learning more about flower arranging or just want to experience a new activity with friends, Bloomin' Buckets offers hands-on, personalized flower arranging workshops. In addition to offering specialized workshops, clients can also arrange private sessions.


Try a new craft or hobby in these classes and workshops (4)

Courtesy of @perennialstl Instagram

jewelry and beadwork

jewelry making courses

5080 Delmar Blvd.,

Craft Alliance offers a variety of jewelry making courses for both beginners and experienced customers. Basic jewelry courses are available, as well as sessions to learn metalworking related to jewelry including a jewelry basics course, jewelry and metalsmithing and enamel painting.

jewelry making courses

3762 S.Broadway,

From reclaimed wooden rings to woven bracelets, visitors can learn how to create personalized jewelry in classes offered by the community-based workshop and shop Perennial. The organization is all about sustainability. All of the materials used in these various workshops are made from salvaged materials.

Beadwork Classes

8 Plaza Dr., Fairview Heights,

The Bead Place specializes in beads of all kinds and offers a wealth of classes and workshops teaching the various uses of beads. There are both in-person courses and virtual programs for clients.


Different classes

28 The Blvd St. Louis St.,

Painting with a Twist caters to both private parties and in-studio events – with the twist being the BYOW (bring your own wine) policy. Projects are always changing, and upcoming events at the studio include"Paint your pet!","Pretty in Paris"and"Botanical Giraffe",each with different age limits, time frames and prices.

Different classes

20 Allen Avenue, Suite 150,

Located in Webster Groves, Pinot's Palette offers the opportunity to paint in the studio, at a private party, or in the comfort of your own home. Studio events are for ages 18+, but children 12+ are permitted when accompanied by a paying adult. There is no age limit for private parties. The virtual events can be viewed live or via on-demand video tutorials.

Paint & Swallow

1201 Macklind Avenue,

Artherapy Studios hosts public parties, private parties or even brings the party to you! One of their signature classes is Paint & Sip. Students paint a beginner's work of art on canvas while sipping their personal supply of wine or beer and munching on snacks in an innovative atmosphere.


paper game

12 N.Jackson Ave.,

From May 6th, dive into creative ways to make art with everyday paper at SLAG. This five week course is led by Celeste Grayer, a local social worker and multidisciplinary artist. During the hour-and-a-half class, she will help students find collage, paper marbling, and printmaking techniques to create unique pieces.


1506 E. St. Louis St.,

This papermaking workshop shows the basics of making handmade paper using recycled materials. This two-hour course will take place on April 9th ​​at 11am and students must be at least 13 years old to attend.

screen printing

5110 Penrose St.,

Lawson Screen & Digital Products offers a hands-on screen printing workshop ideal for novice printers. Students will learn how to make screens, expose, prepare artwork, print and clean under the supervision of a Lawson technician or instructor.


Beginner's Guide to Photography Course

Different places,

Whether you're brushing up on your photography skills or just a beginner to learn more about the subject, the St. Louis Photography Group offers photo sessions for all levels. The organization offers two-hour specialized sessions for those who want to increase their knowledge on a specific topic or technique, as well as three-hour sessions for beginners.

Bootcamp 101: 5 week series, photography from the beginning

11806 Borman Dr.,

For those looking for an in-depth experience in photography, Photo Pros offer five-week boot camps where students can jump right in to learn everything from composition and lighting to editing and camera accessories. There are also courses for more specialized sessions.

Photo courses for beginners and advanced

Different places,

Tyann Marcink Small, specialized, hands-on workshops open to both novice and experienced photographers. Courses available include Beginner Photography, Smartphone Photo/Video Shooting, and Light and Night Photography.


Try a new craft or hobby in these classes and workshops (5)

Courtesy of Bowood Farms


watercolor courses

4605 Olivenstr.,

The Studio at Bowood has an ever-changing schedule of teachers, events, workshops and classes. Throughout the spring they will hold events on watercolor painting spring bouquets, watercolor painting for beginners and watercolor pansies, among others.

Painting atmosphere in watercolor

1155 South Rock Hill Rd.,

A small circle of artists founded the Saint Louis Watercolor Society in 1996 with the intention of organizing opportunities for artists interested in water media as well as exhibiting aquatic media artwork for the community. They now have over 200 members. From April 5th to 8th, the Saint Louis Watercolor Society is hosting a workshop led by the award-winning watercolor artistTo Yuki-Ha. This 4-day workshop is designed for all levels and types of watercolor painters.


1506 E. St. Louis Str.,

This four week course covers basic techniques and tools needed to create a finished watercolor, specifically the structure and skills needed for still life and illustration work. All materials are provided and the course is recommended for adults. However, accompanied minors over the age of 12 are welcome.


woodworking courses

5080 Delmar Blvd.,

Craft Alliance offers a variety of woodworking courses for students of all levels. For those looking to get into woodworking, Beginning Woodworking and Introduction to Woodworking are great resources. But if you have a specific project in mind, there are also courses dedicated to making parts like cutting boards and end tables.

Classes for woodworking machines

5127 Delmar Blvd.,

For those who want to increase their knowledge of woodworking machines, MADE in STL offers specific training. These workshops are available to beginners and experts alike, with courses to familiarize students with equipment such as table saws, wood lathes, or grinders.

woodworking courses

12545 Fee Fee Rd.,

The St. Louis Woodworkers Guild has been in operation since 1984 and welcomes professionals, hobbyists and novices with an interest in woodworking. The organization offers a variety of open shop events as well as hands-on courses where participants can learn more about various woodworking specialties.

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