SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (2023)

Which classes dominate in Patch 7.1?

More of the Star Wars: The Old Republic story content that Bioware promised this year has been released with the recent patch titled Game Update 7.1: Digging Deeper.

Update 7.1 was a much larger patch overall than 7.0. With more exploration of the beloved character Darth Malgus as part of Legacy of the Sith and the expansion of Manaan - a location from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - it's a good time to jump back in. All of that includes another round of balance changes, so it's also a good time to find out which advanced classes have risen to the crème de la crème and which are the chaff.

As we rank the classes, it's important to note that Bioware has a good track record of not having any class dominate or become obsolete. Some classes perform better than others on any given endgame boss, and all are useful in PvP. A Sawbones Rogue/Medical Agent might be better at replenishing whole party health, but a Combat Medic Commando/Bodyguard Mercenary might be crucial at fast single target healing to keep tanks alive.

That being said, here are the top performers in each role category based on a statistical aggregate of parsed battle data. Factors considered were raw DPS (damage per second) ranking position, as well as average boss DPS, HPS (healing per second) for the healers, and DTPS (damage taken per second) for the tanks, with a lower DTPS being preferable.

We'll rank them first, then briefly mention how each advanced class plays.


S level

  • Shadow / Assassin (Jedi / Sith)

    (Video) SWTOR 7.0.2 Class Specialty Tier List

  • Sentinel/Maroder (Jedi/Sith)

  • Vanguard / Powertech (Republic / Empire Tech)


  • Guardian / Juggernaut (Jedi / Sith)

  • Sage / Wizard (Jedi / Sith)

  • Rogue / Agent (Republic / Empire Tech)

B class

  • Gunslinger/Sniper (Republic/Empire Tech)

  • Commando / Mercenary (Republic / Empire Tech)


S level

(Video) SWTOR: What Class Should I Play (Legacy of the Sith - 2022)

  • Defense Guardian / Immortal Juggernaut (Jedi / Sith)


  • Kinetic Combat Shadow / Darkness Assassin (Jedi / Sith)

B class

  • Shield Specialist Vanguard / Shield Tech Powertech (Republic / Empire Tech)


S level

  • Sawbone's Rogue / Medical Agent (Republic / Empire Tech)


  • Combat Medic Commando / Bodyguard Mercenary (Republic / Empire Tech)

B class

(Video) SWTOR - Ranking the Class Stories - My favourites from top to bottom

  • Sage Seer / Sorcerer of Corruption (Jedi / Sith)

advanced classes

Since 7.0, each character's class history relates to the narrative path you choose: Jedi Knight is complemented by Sith Warrior, for example for lightsaber-focused Force users.

The choice of advanced classes determines the play style. This is an important decision as it cannot be changed, although you can choose a Secondary Advanced Class later. Advanced classes can be broken down into Force Users and Tech Users, with the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Warrior, and Sith Inquisitor classes being able to select one of the four Jedi/Sith Advanced Classes, and the Trooper, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, and Imperial Agent classes, who is able to select one of the advanced tech classes.

Each Advanced class also has several specializations called Disciplines that can be more easily switched during gameplay, with some specific classes offering a Tank, Heal, or Stealth discipline.

Jedi / Sith

Guardian / Juggernaut (S-Tier-Panzer, A-Tier-DPS)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (1)

With excellent damage potential and exceptional damage mitigation skills, the Guardian/Juggernaut excels all round.

  • Tanks are always in demand, and the other disciplines are there if you just want to destroy stuff.
  • Defense / Immortal Discipline has the lowest overall DTPS, meaning they put the least effort into staying alive and can take on stubborn bosses.
  • For newer players, the vigilance/revenge mechanic is simpler while offering better AOE (area of ​​effect) damage, great for solo story content.
  • Focus/Rage has a much more complex skill set that works better when certain debuffs are applied, but it pays off with a more powerful burst and sustained damage potential.

Sentinel / Marauder (S Tier DPS, A Tier Tank)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (2)

Sentinels and Marauders used to easily dominate the DPS leaderboards, but the changes in 7.1 ended the brief era of undisputed glory.

  • The Concentration/Rage Discipline keeps many of the DPS leaderboard spots high with the ability to shoot down bosses and clear mobs with AOEs; It is also a dominant PVP specification. Before and after the 7.0 changes to mechanics, this remains one of the most important DPS disciplines in the entire game.
  • Watchman/Annihilation is useful for PVE as it provides plenty of passive healing, but is more difficult to master for endgame due to its DOT (Damage Over Time) abilities and synergies that rely on smaller timers.
  • Combat/Carnage is said to be good at single target burst but is by far the weakest discipline of the three; This says little as the Sentinel/Marauder is generally a powerful advanced class.

Sage/Sorcerer (A-Tier DPS, B-Tier Healer)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (3)

Want to get Force Lightning? Because that's how you get Force Lightning.

(Video) TOP 5 BEST Classes in terms of Ranked PvP in SWTOR 7.1

  • The Sage/Sorcerer plays as the most powerful advanced class. Ranged classes also mean fewer races to hunt down enemies. Healers also have little trouble securing spots in Operations.
  • Compared to the other two healer disciplines, Scryer/Corruption is more of a jack of all trades that can fill up tanks with burst healing and fill up the rest of the party without changing the rotation much.
  • Telekinetics/Blitz can dish out the damage and often appear in DPS leaderboards. He is best experienced as a Sith for Force Lightning purposes, but is still very satisfying as an Earthbender Jedi.
  • Balance/Madness is the final discipline and excels in PVP with multiple AOE burst abilities and an arsenal of DOTs that can weaken other players.

Shadow / Assassin (S-Tier DPS, A-Tier Tank)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (4)

If you've always wanted to play Darth Maul or Galen Marek then the Shadow/Assassin stealth specialist is for you.

  • This is probably the most played advanced tank class, but it also excels as a stealth DPS. The Advanced class as a whole excels at PVP, and many of their abilities do more when cast behind an enemy.
  • One thing to note is that Kinetic Combat/Darkness is the only tank discipline that also has stealth, as the only other AK that can stealth is the Scoundrel/Operative. They also excel at threatening groups unless the group is running around.
  • The Serenity/Hate Discipline currently holds the most records for DPS leaderboards across all servers, although its reliance on DOT abilities means lower burst ability.
  • The infiltration/subtlety is better for boss phases that need to be brought down with burst damage, but suffers when thinking about sustained damage.

Republic / Empire Tech

Commando/Mercenary (A-Tier Healer, B-Tier DPS)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (5)

If you want healing and DPS that aren't afraid of getting hit, then Commando/Mercenary is what's on the menu. All of its disciplines boast great survivability, making it easy to play alone and taking the strain off tanks and healers.

  • One of three healer disciplines, Combat Medic/Bodyguard is the easiest to learn with direct healing and offers better burst healing, especially when tanks are taking a lot of damage.
  • While Gunnery/Arsenal is the least used, it's recommended for newer players because the ability is easy to use, there are fewer mechanics to worry about, and it performs better when you're forced to aim switch.
  • Innovative Ordnance/Assault Specialist is the better of the two disciplines for DPS, with large burst damage, but has more difficult energy management and relies on longer cooldown debuffs that make it difficult to switch targets, making it less attractive to new players becomes.

Vanguard / Powertech (S-Tier-DPS)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (6)

This class will become invaluable for many endgame bosses while also boasting of claiming many DPS leaderboard top spots.

  • Shield Specialist / Shield Tech is one of three tank classes in the game and the only one that has some abilities that can be used at a distance. It's probably the easiest advanced tank class to learn, but it has less self-healing and more damage mitigation abilities, making it less attractive for solo play.
  • While it is the least used of the three Vanguard/Powertech disciplines, Tactics/Advanced Prototype has some niche applications, such as
  • Later game content is often used by Plasmatech/Pyrotech as it is a discipline that excels in both burst damage and sustained damage. This is the discipline that puts the Vanguard/Powertech on the leaderboards and top parses.

Gunslinger / Sniper (B-Tier DPS)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (7)

It's noon and there are Jedi to hunt, space desperado.

  • Although Vanguard/Powertech has a Discipline that can provide a ranged armor debuff, which is key in some boss fights, it's the Sharpshooter/Saboteur that shines in this role. It's also quite satisfying for a class to play solo content as it realizes the "one shot, one kill" fantasy.
  • Saboteur/Engineering deals big AOE damage and climbs a few spots on the DPS leaderboards, taking the crown from Dirty Fighting/Virulence but being less reliable when targets are moving. It is useful in certain PVP situations where areas need to be defended.
  • For a more mischievous experience, the Dirty Fighting/Virulence Discipline excels at DOT abilities in the form of bleeds. While it suffers from mobility issues since it basically asks you to play as a turret, it used to take spots on DPS leaderboards and still carries the strengths that made it possible.

Rogue/Agent (S-Tier Healer, A-Tier DPS)

SWTOR Best Classes Tier List [Best and Worst SWTOR Classes Revealed] (8)

(Video) SWTOR - Which class should I play? | 2021

Holding the coveted top spot for healer specializations while also boasting a great DPS ability, the Scoundrel/Operative is one of two stealth specialists.

  • Having a healer that can also go stealthily to stun enemies or otherwise stay out of harm's way until the need arises makes this a much-appreciated advanced class.
  • Because when you need to keep an entire 16-person Ops party alive, Medicine/Sawbones excels at party and AOE healing, also taking it to the top of the HPS leaderboard.
  • Notably, the Scrapper/Concealment Discipline also tends to claim and hold DPS leaderboard stats throughout the game, playing more as a melee class that deals more damage when behind an enemy.
  • Lethality/Brawler is for those who want to play ranged DPS with the option to switch to the other specializations while also being a much easier class to learn as the Scrapper/Concealment has complicated skill priorities and positioning requirements.

As always, may the force be with you. Cue Star Wars Credits Theme Song!

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What is the best DPS class in SWTOR? ›

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Best DPS Classes (& Why You Should Play Them)
  • SWTOR's Sorcerer/Sage Classes. ...
  • SWTOR's Powertech/Vanguard Classes. ...
  • SWTOR's Operative/Scoundrel Classes.
Feb 20, 2022

Which class is most fun SWTOR? ›

The Smuggler has some of the funniest content in SWTOR, and is the most lighthearted of the stories. Unlike the Bounty Hunter, the Smuggler's humor remains consistent, and the tone remains fun throughout the story.

Can you get a girlfriend in SWTOR? ›

Players of either faction and gender may pursue a relationship with either Theron or Lana during the "Forged Alliances" and "Shadow of Revan" storylines.

What is the easiest class in SWTOR? ›

Easiest Classes to Play in SWTOR
  • Guardian/Juggernaut. Defense/Immortal. ...
  • Shadow/Assassin. Kinetic Combat/Darkness. ...
  • Sage/Sorcerer. Seer/Corruption. ...
  • Commando/Mercenary. Combat Medic/Bodyguard. ...
  • Vanguard/Powertech. Shield Specialist/Shield Tech. ...
  • Gunslinger/Sniper. Sharpshooter/Marksmanship. ...
  • Scoundrel/Operative. Sawbones/Medicine. ...
  • Summary.
Dec 8, 2022

Who is the strongest DPS? ›

Our number one pick for the top DPS character in Genshin Impact is Ganyu!

What is Plo Koon the best at? ›

Plo Koon was a very skilled lightsaber swordsman. Plo Koon was a Jedi Master so powerful that the Sith Lord Darth Maul considered him to be one of the greatest Jedi warriors of his time, though they never dueled one another. Koon was a master of telekinesis, and could move objects without having to face them.

What is the best Kotor class? ›

The Scout is the most versatile of the three classes and is the best choice for players planning ahead for their iconic Star Wars Jedi class. Scouts begin with the Flurry and Rapid Shot active Feats, giving them the ability to make an extra attack each round with melee or ranged weapons respectively.

What is a preferred player in SWTOR? ›

Former subscribers and players who have purchased Cartel Coins are known as Preferred and have fewer restrictions in-game than Free-to-play players.

Can you go AFK in SWTOR? ›

Away from keyboard (AFK)

A player character that is AFK remains idle within the game environment until either the player returns, or until the character is automatically logged off due to inactivity.

What happens if you flirt SWTOR? ›

In classes where there are multiple romances (male Sith warrior, male agent, male smuggler), you can flirt with both your potential romances. At some point, they will confront you together. You can choose one or try to convince them that you deserve both, at which point you lose both.

Can you be a GREY Jedi in SWTOR? ›

Gray Jedis (or Gray Smugglers, Gray Inquisitors, etc.) happen when a player creates a balanced mix of light and dark side choices over his or her career and ends up staying in the "neutral" zone on the alignment meter.

Who are the twins in SWTOR? ›

The Eternal Twins (Arcann and Thexan)

The Eternal Twins first appeared in 2015's Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire. These Force-sensitive brothers were trained from childhood to be warriors by their father, Emperor Valkorion (or Vitiate, as he's known to the Old Sith).

Can a female Sith warrior romance Vette? ›

Male Sith Warriors can romance and eventually marry Vette, while female characters can build a sister-like relationship with her, taking the place of Risha Drayen and Taunt in Vette's life.

What is the easiest class? ›

That being said, here's a look at some college classes that tend to be easier than some core classes.
  • Creative Writing. ...
  • Physical Education. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Public Speaking. ...
  • Anthropology. ...
  • Art History. ...
  • Acting. ...
  • Photography.

Why is SWTOR so easy now? ›

The bulk of SWTOR is solo friendly story content, and it's been made so easy it isn't fun or satisfying anymore. You used to need to learn your class a bit, and leveling or equipping better gear actually felt like progression, but now you can go have a snack while your companion solos quest bosses.

How much accuracy is 110% SWTOR? ›

Seen a lot of discussion around the ~2650 accuracy being the golden number to hit 110%. Pre-7.0 this was pretty well laid out in the character sheet and was the number you shot for if you wanted that amount of accuracy.

Is Hu Tao worth pulling? ›

Being a polearm user has its benefits too, like having Dragon's Bane or Deathmatch as amazing 4-star weapon options. Here are a couple more reasons why you should pull for Hu Tao: You need a DPS character to carry you into endgame content. You don't have a strong Pyro character yet (No, not Amber)

Who is the strongest 4 star DPS? ›

Xingqiu is regarded as one of the highest damage dealers in the entire game. He works well with Cryo characters, such as Chongyun. Xingqiu also works excellently with Pyro characters, such as Diluc, Xiangling, or Bennett.

Is Eula the strongest DPS? ›

While you shouldn't expect your typical Eula to deal that much damage, she is still the best Physical DPS in the game. Even with little resource investment in her weapon and artifacts, you can easily deal over 100,000 damage with her Elemental Burst.

Which clone killed Plo Koon? ›

Plo Koon dies after being shot down by CT-57/11-9048 and Jag. CT-57/11-9048 was a clone trooper pilot who served in the Grand Army of the Republic and the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.

Why does Plo Koon cover his eyes? ›

Plo Koon and Bo Keevil wore metal masks and goggles as a life-support device to protect their sensitive eyes, lungs, and nostrils from the oxygen-rich atmosphere of Coruscant and other planets when away from their homeworld of Dorin.

Who is the first Wookiee Jedi? ›

Gungi was a male Wookiee Jedi Padawan who trained to become a Jedi in the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars.

What Jedi class was Revan? ›

Revan was all classes. Skilled in the way of the lightsaber, a powerful force user and having an admiration for droids. He was literally all the classes combined.

Why Revan is the best? ›

In his prime, Revan was an unstoppable force on the battlefield, skilled in multiple forms of lightsaber combat, and regarded by many as the greatest warrior of his age. He accumulated respect from a vast range of different cultures from the Mandalorians to the Echani—the Rakata to the ancient Sith.

Can you fall in love in KOTOR? ›

Each character has their own unique story to share with you. However, what the game doesn't tell you right off the bat is that you can actually romance characters in KOTOR. While lacking the cinematic flair of romance in games today, romancing someone in KOTOR is a satisfying experience nevertheless.

Can you marry Kira in SWTOR? ›

Romance. If the Jedi Knight player character is male, the player can choose to have a romance with Kira and can eventually marry her. Initiating a romance will affect dialogue in certain story missions.

Can a Sith be light side? ›

It is possible for a player Sith Warrior or Sith Inquisitor to be a Light Sith. In the Inquisitor's case, their approach leads them to earn the title of Darth Imperius, due to their light-sided actions being viewed as pragmatic acts that serve the Empire in the long run.

Can you solo Aurora Cannon SWTOR? ›

I've seen this mentioned as a difficult mission and for a long time I was too intimidated to try it. You need it for the Section X dailies, and while it originally required a group, it can be soloed now.

Who is the most liked character in Star Wars? ›

These Are the Top 12 Characters From the Star Wars Movies, Ranked
  • 8/12 Princess Leia.
  • 7/12 Finn.
  • 6/12 Han Solo.
  • 5/12 Rey.
  • 4/12 Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader.
  • 3/12 Luke Skywalker.
  • 2/12 Ahsoka Tano.
  • 1/12 Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Jul 23, 2022

How long does it take to 100% SWTOR? ›

Very High 18.8% Retirement

Can you solo master mode Swtor? ›

You will be able to solo Master Mode Red Reaper (MM RR) with basic 306 gear, decent mods, and a few augments. Z0-0M is your best healing option, but any rank 50 companion set to healing will do. As stealth, each run takes ~12 – 16 minutes. You will receive 300 – 400 Tech Fragments per run.

Can you AFK farming? ›

In order to farm different items while being AFK, players would need to use Zero or at least have Zero in their team. The AFK farm is not possible without this character. Zero's Negating Cube is overpowered when farming any type of material in Tower of Fantasy.

Can Bounty Hunters fly Swtor? ›

Always prepared to change tactics on the fly, the Bounty Hunter's arsenal includes a powerful twitch-action jetpack, allowing the Bounty Hunter to shoot into the air and unleash a hail of blaster-fire.

Who is the traitor SWTOR? ›

Theron Shan then revealed himself as the traitor to the shock of others and fired at the Commander, hitting Lana instead.

Can you marry Jaesa? ›

In the original Sith Warrior class storyline, male player characters can romance her and later marry her, but if both the player and Jaesa are aligned to the dark side of the Force.

Can you romance Darth Hexid? ›

Darth Hexid, while non-romanceable, has a similar fun personality to Jaesa's. It's unfortunate that none of the other (vanilla) companions in the game, notably the other force apprentices, can be influenced the way Jaesa can be influenced.

Is high DPS better? ›

In general higher DPS is better. However, It won't factor in things like crit chance and crit damage bonuses, which can drastically impact how much real damage you deal in a fight.

What is the highest item rating in SWTOR? ›

Players can use additional blue veteran mode tokens and credits to upgrade their gear pieces to a maximum item rating of 340.

Is Vanguard or Commando better in SWTOR? ›

Vanguards are better by far than Guardians/Sentinels/Shadows/Scoundrels at 30m range, but they'll never beat Gunslingers/Sages/Commandos. If you want a ranged class, play a Commando. If you want a melee class with some ranged flexibility, play a Vanguard.

What is DPS in SWTOR? ›

DPS = Damage Per Second.

What is the best DPS for gaming? ›

For shooting precision in FPS, the recommended DPI for gaming is in the lower scope of 400-800.

Does divinity increase damage? ›

Divinity. This is a unique trace rifle that applies a debuff to the target which not only has your teammates deal 30% more damage, but also creates an easy to hit critical damage hit box on the target.

What character is best for main DPS? ›

Best Main DPS Characters in SS Tier
2Hu Tao
2 more rows
Dec 13, 2022

How much accuracy is 110% swtor? ›

Seen a lot of discussion around the ~2650 accuracy being the golden number to hit 110%. Pre-7.0 this was pretty well laid out in the character sheet and was the number you shot for if you wanted that amount of accuracy.

What is the strongest material in Star Wars? ›

Phrik was a metallic compound that was nearly indestructible. Phrik was mined on Gromas, in the Perkell sector, and Tatooine in the Arkanis sector.

Is shock trooper or commando better? ›

Commando has +30% weapon damage / +44% health / +20% damage reduction, and gets amped up Marksman and Assassination (and Immunity spec, which applies to both). Shock Trooper has +9% damage (Assault Training) / +58% health / +36% damage reduction, and gets amped up Adrenaline Burst.

What class should I choose in Star Wars: The Old Republic? ›

There is no limit or requirement of which class you should play first. Some classes are considered to be closer to what BioWare might consider the SWTOR Canon storyline. The Jedi Knight origin class story is considered to be the main storyline of the game.

What is the most op gun in Vanguard? ›

The MG42 is by far the strongest LMG in the game right now. It boasts the highest fire rate of any gun in the game at a whopping 1034.5 RPM (that's 17.24 shots per second), and it is very controllable as well, with the lowest horizontal recoil of any LMG.

How strong are Swtor troopers? ›

It could withstand anything from laser fire to a bomb blast. Troopers attached to Special Forces were known to be issued BT-7 Thunderclap rapid assault ships. With training and proper use of these powerful weapons at their disposal, the Republic troopers were an elite force to be reckoned with in combat.

Is DPS or damage more important? ›

DPS: Damage Per Second. Damage: How much damage you do with ONE hit. So you look at how fast you can attack with the damage, and you have your Damage Per Seconds. With this game, how I play, which is very stealthy/Sniper, I prefer the damage stat over DPS.

Is DPS a tank? ›

Overwatch heroes are classed as Damage (more frequently called DPS), Tank, and Support. The standard match format now requires teams composed of two players per role. DPS (originally split into Attack and Defence), focuses on dealing damage, relying on the others for protection.


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