SD Gundam Battle Alliance: Top 9 Best Gundams to Update ASAP (2023)

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SD Gundam Battle Alliance features mecha from across the franchise's history, but which Gundam should be updated ASAP?

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TheGundamFranchise is attacking the scene with a slew of new releases across multiple mediums includingSD Gundam Battle Alliance. The action RPG shooter puts players in control of some of their favorite mobile suits from some of the most popularGundamAnime and Movies.

The game's roster is divided into playstyle variants such as Infighter, Allrounder, and Sharpshooter. Among these, there are certainly a few that players will want to use and upgrade as soon as possible to complete missions efficiently. Here are some of thebest mobile suits for first upgradeSD Gundam Battle Alliance.

9 Nu Gundam

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The Nu Gundam, also known as the RX-93 V Gundam, first appeared in theMobile Suit Gundam: Char's counterattackAnimated film that is part of the Universal Century timeline within the Gundam franchise.

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The Nu Gundam serves as Amuro Ray's ultimate machine, designed from the ground up by the pilot to unleash his full potential. Unfortunately, the first and last time the machine saw a fight was the fight between Amuro Ray andChar Aznablein their chaotic space battle in the film. The Nu Gundam is equipped with several powerful ranged combat options, including a hyper-beam bazooka, beam rifle, and a powerful hopper system. What makes the Nu Gundam a smart early main Gundam is its ability to combine both its ranged and melee moves into powerful combos. Payers will start finding Nu Gundam blueprintsBreak Mission 7D und True Mission 7A.

8 Strike Freedom Gundam

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The freedom to strike comes from theGundam-SamenAnime series located in theCosmic era timeline. It is the second designed mobile suit based on the original Freedom Gundam. Kira Yamato piloted the Strike Freedom for the first timeGundam Seed destinyEpisode 50 where he served as a multi-faceted character on the show.

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The Strike Freedom is a machine of tremendous power that has a variety of ranged combat options. Aside from its advanced beam rifle and dual beam sabers, the Strike Freedom has two systems that, when used together, make it an unstoppable force on the battlefieldSD Gundam Battle Alliance. The full burst system allows the Strike Freedom to fire powerful, even blasts of energy from all cylinders. Coupled with the Dragoon system, which is similar to the Nu Gundam's hoppers, the Strike Freedom can engage multiple targets at incredible ranges with little effort, making it a great partner for a mobile infighter suit. Players can find the Strike Freedom blueprints from the6C Break Mission and 5B True Missions.

7 Wing Gundam Null

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One of the most famousGundamanime in the west isMobile suit Gundam Wing, as the series was well received while airing on the Toonami blockCartoon Network. The show followed several main cast of Gundam pilots, starring Heero Yui piloting the Wing Gundam and its variations.

The Wing Zero is an immensely powerful Gundam to beFound in Break Mission 5A; An upgrade from its predecessor, since it has decent melee combos but really excels at ranged combat with its twin buster rifles, the Wing Gundam Zero can turn a battlefield into a wasteland on its own.

6 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

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Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphanswas highly acclaimed for its unique mobile suit design, animation and unforgettable story. One of the flagship Mobile Suits in the history of the series is the Barbatos Lupus Gundam, the third iteration of the base model. The Barbatos was a legendary Gundam who reigned supreme during the Calamity War, which took place three hundred years before the events of the series. This mecha's specialty is melee combat, using its superior mobility and speed to completely overwhelm all opponents.

The Barbatos is equipped with a heavy-bladed weapon that can split enemies in half, as well as extensive, wide-arc combos that can hit multiple enemies at once. Combined with a strong ranged support or an all-rounder, Barbatos will make a strong main pickSD Gundam Battle Alliance. Players can find the blueprint for the Barbatos Lupus in the3A true missions and 4B break missions.

5 Gundam Crazy Red Frame Kai

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First appearance in the manga spinoff series byGundam Seed destiny,Gundam Seed Vs. Irre,The Astray Red Frame Kai is the second version of the original Red Frame, improved by the pilot. The Red Frame Kai is a top-tier mobile melee suit of near-limitless power, utilizing bladed weapons and martial arts.

In terms of weapons, the Red Frame Kai uses two bladed weapons modeled after the Japanese katana called the Jibera Straight and the Tiger Pierce. The Gundam uses these blades to slice through enemy mobile suits with high attack speed. In addition, the Red Frame Kai is equipped with a Mobile Arms III weapon that has multiple transformations such as: B. a bow that fires energy projectiles and a huge sword weapon. The Red Frame Kai's versatility sets it apart from the rest and is sure to be a top contender. The Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai can be found in the5A and 5C Break Missions.

4 Gundam 00 Raiser

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You can find the Gundam 00 raiser in the6B Break-Mission; This machine is the combined form of the GN 00 and the Raiser Support Unit and is one of the flagship mobile suits of theMobile Suit Gundam 00Anime, the first series to take place in the Anno Domini timeline. The mobile fits insideagenda 00are among the most advanced machines in the franchise, utilizing a unique power source known as GN Drives or Solar Engines. These reactors give the Mobile Suits extraordinary powers that far exceed most Gundams of previous generations.

As a result, the Exia is one of the most formidable mobile suits in the series, and is heavily geared toward melee combat, using multiple sword weapons attached to the unit's back. What makes the 00 Raiser such a threat on the battlefield is its high melee damage. This mecha has long-range attacks that can hit multiple targets repeatedly, making it a good clear mobile suit.

3 Einhorn Gundam

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The Unicorn Gundam is from the anime of the same name, which is part of the Universal Century timeline and takes place more than a decade after the events of the originalMobile Suit GundamAnime and One Year War.

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The Unicorn Gundam is a technological marvel of incredible power. The construction of the unicorn had one thought in mind: the complete elimination ofNew types on the battlefield. Along with a large arsenal of weapons like a Beam Gatling Cannon, the devastating Beam Magnum Rifle, and a Hyper Bazooka, the Unicorn makes a great partner for any all-rounder or infighter. The unicorn Gundam can be found inBreak Mission 5B and 5D True Mission.

2 RX-78 Gundam

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The RX-78 or "Grandpa Gundam" is the original mobile suit debuting in the originalMobile Suit GundamAnime that served as the spark that spawned the Gundam franchise. The RX-78 Gundam was pivotal in deciding the war between the Earth Federation and Zeon, and its power could not match the ordinary mobile suits Zeon had at his disposal.

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The RX-78 is the standard that all future Gundams will be modeled after. It is equipped with a high-density beam rifle, a beam-coated shield, a hyper bazooka, a beam saber, and a beam spear. Due to its high rate of fire, the RX-78 can hit enemies with a sniper rifle from a reasonable distance and stack damage very quickly. InSD Gundam Battle Alliance, the blueprints for this mecha can be found inTrue Mission 1A.

1 Spin a Gundam

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Turn A is confirmed to be the most powerful Gundam ever created and only appears once in the animated film set in theCorrect the century timeline, where the story describes this mecha as an ancient Gundam of unparalleled power that could destroy planets. The Turn A Gundam is equipped with dual beam sabers, the Gundam Hammer, and a beam rifle. Perhaps this Gundam's most powerful and fearsome trait, however, is the Moonlight Butterfly, which gives it a strong fighting presenceSD Gundam Battle Alliance.

When using the Moonlight Butterfly, Turn A emits thousands of nanomachines that take the form of giant butterfly wings on the back of the Mobile Suit. Turn A then charges at a target, severely damaging it. The Turn A Gundam can be found in the5A Break-Missionen.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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