All returning companions with SWTOR 5.10 Jedi Under Siege (2023)

These mark the appearance and return of four more original classmates with the release of SWTOR 5.10 Jedi Under Siege - Khem Val, Jaesa, Nadia and Doc!

The Jedi Under Siege update gave us a fresh start. The Eternal Throne drama is now behind us all. A war is on the horizon! The two factions are once again at each other's throats. The new story is just a beginning. It takes us to Ossus and allows us to meet a lot of returning and new characters as well. Some of them well written, some of them a missed opportunity.

This article will focus on the returning original classmates and we have four of them making a return! Both versions of Jaesa (Light and Dark) the Sith Warrior are about to meet their ancient Sith Master, the Knight's Doc has teamed up with Nadia from the Consular and is ready to meet you in the Republic story. Khem Val is waiting for the Inquisitor to find him on Ossus.

Important note: This article contains major spoilers for the returning companions and minor spoilers from the Jedi Under Siege story!

I have some clips for you. There are many different options. Although the cinematics are short (once again), there are interesting options for you!

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(Video) Jaesa Wilsaam Romanced Reunion (SWTOR 5.10 Jedi under siege)


Some of the returning companions appear in the main story of Jedi Under Siege. Each of them eventually shows up to meet, greet and (not always) cheer on their old master or boss.


Doc and Nadia appear in the Republic story - once you land on Ossus. Your dialogue options are different when playing a Jedi Knight or Jedi Consular - they will recognize you, be happy to see you, and introduce you to the other.

If you are a Jedi Knight, Doc takes the lead and introduces you to Nadia as the Battlemaster of the Jedi Order and Republic. He also boasts about how he helped you save the galaxy "once or twice".

If you are a Jedi Ambassador, Nadia takes the stage first and introduces you to Doc with a huge grin on her face. She's definitely happy to see you again after six years and still recognizes you as the Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order.

Doc and Nadia work together. The reason you haven't been able to reunite with them until now is because they've both been on Ossus for the last five or six years and started the colony.

With communications down, for the protection of the colonists, it was impossible for them to find you or them. This is also why they are unaware of your deeds as Alliance Commander - surviving at all, forming the Alliance, defeating the Emperor, seizing the Eternal Throne.

khem val

If your Inquisitor sided with Khem in the original class story, the Dashade will appear for you on Ossus - in the farms. He will recognize you and ask you to get in touch with you again after the story.

(Video) SWTOR 5.10 DOC RETURNS! 6 years later! Jed Knight companion!

Khem joins you in the personal instance at the homestead to help, and in the meantime shares a few tidbits about what he did and how Zash's agony was a nightmare for him.


The Dark Side Jaesa is not part of the main story of Jed Under Siege at all. She is given a separate Alliance mission that tells you about her capture after attempting to engage Alliance forces on Iokath...alone.

The light side version of Jaesa is also part of this update, although I haven't made the version it appears in yet. There will be a video of it as soon as I'm done :)

In the section below specifically for you, I'll show you the outcome I chose for my Dark Side Sith Warrior (and more in the future).


Doc is my favorite companion, but not for romantic reasons. He's the one who saved Vulkk from so many "walks of shame" in the early days of the game when every companion had a strict role. Doc was always THE DOC. I was delighted to welcome him back to my ranks in 5.10.

Doc returns to the Jedi Knight with Jedi Under Siege. He has teamed up with Nadia (the original Consular's companion) and they both appear for a brief moment during the Republic's storyline in Jedi Under Siege.

For the Jedi Knight Companion Doc has an additional short cinematic that allows the two old friends to talk about the last 5-6 years since their split. The Alliance Alert is called "mending ties' and is given to you by Lana Beniko. It is only available if you are a Jedi Knight

(Video) SWTOR - Strog's Returning Companion - Khem Val - Jedi Under Siege


Being a Force user, Nadia was briefly mentioned by Master Ranos (another companion introduced by BioWare in KOTET) but was missing until 5.10. During the Republican version of the Jedi Under Siege storyline, Nadia appears in a scene with Doc.

An additional Alliance Alert is available to Consular players after the story on Ossus is over. It's a short film that allows you to catch up with Nadia and realize how much she's grown in your absence. She is now a full blown Jedi Knight in her own right. The Alliance Alert is called "The padawan and her master' and is given to you by Lana Beniko. It is only available if you are a Jedi Consular.


Remember the moment you did thatReclaimed Treasure Alliance-Missionand you ended up spotting a non-khem dashade creature? Disappointing, isn't it? Don't worry, the wait was worth it!

If your Sith Inquisitor always sided with Khem Val in the Origin class storyline, you haven't met Khem on Nathema. Instead, you get the chance to meet him on Ossus for a brief moment right now in Jedi Under Siege. Later, after the story ends, a new Alliance Alert will become available.

Khem is only available if you side with him. The great thing is that a romantic option between the "dear" giant and your inquisitor is now possible. His Alliance Alert is called "A long lost hunger' and is given to you by Lana Beniko.


Did you miss your favorite troubled Jedi/Sith companion, Jaesa? I always find it fascinating how the same character can be so hated and loved by so many at the same time.

Whatever your feelings towards her, Jaesa finally finds her way back to your heart (or sword?) in Jedi Under Siege.

(Video) SWTOR 5.10: Light & Dark Jaesa Romance Reunions, All Choices

Both versions of Jaesa return with this update. Dark Side Jaesa is angry at you at first and feels abandoned. If you've romanticized her in the past, your choices will be quite unique. For example, I had romanced her on my main Sith Warrior. However, it seems that Skorks' feelings have waned over the years. He had no more love in his Sith herd for her, and he not only rejected her, but even taught her "his final lesson."

The Alliance Missoin for the Dark Jaesa is called "feel the anger' and is given to you by Bay'wan Aygo after the main story on Ossus is over. It is only available if you are a Sith Warrior Dark Side.

If you have already done and recorded the Light Side Jaesa mission, you can send me the link to your YouTube video and I will paste it here.

These are the four Returning Companions with SWTOR 5.10 Jedi Under Siege. I still have a few characters to guide through the storyline. Maybe expect a few more videos to be added to this article, showing you more choices and different dialogue outcomes in the coming days.

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(Video) Jedi Knight Doc Romance Reunion - SWTOR 5.10 Jedi Under Siege


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