2023 Pet Sitter Prices | Prices per day or night (dogs & cats) (2023)

Pet sitting prices

Pet sitters charge average$25 per 30 minute visit,$20 to $30 per day,$45 to $75 per night, or$250 to $375 per week. Prices depend on the services requested, if you require 24-hour pet care, holiday service and if you have additional pets.

2023 Pet Sitter Prices | Prices per day or night (dogs & cats) (1)

Pet sitting prices
Nationalaverage cost$15 an hour
Minimal cost$10 an hour
Maximum Cost$60 an hour
Average range$10To$25per hour

If you want your pet to sit at home while you're away, hiring a professional pet sitter is the way to go. Often pets left in kennels are lonely and unhappy until their owners return home. Some pets may stay overnight with the pet sitter or have a multi-day stay (which may be cheaper) instead of leaving the pet sitter at the pet's home.

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  2. How much do pet sitters charge?
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  • Per day
  • Per night
  • for week
  • What does a pet sitter do?
  • House sitting rates with pets
  • Pricing Factors for Pet Sitting
  • How to choose a pet sitter
  • How much do you tip a pet sitter?
  • pet sitter near me
  • How much do pet sitters charge?

    Pet sitting services generally have a cost$25 per 30 minute visitThis includes a potty break, feeding and fresh water. Prices depend on the location of the sitter in relation to the pet owner and whether the pet has to be picked up and dropped off. If you have more than one pet, add them$10 per additional dog.

    Rate Calculator for Pet Sitting
    length of sittingDogCat
    Per hour$15$15
    Per day$20 – $30$10 – $20
    Per night$75$40
    for week$250 – $375$250 – $375

    Will you be away on holidays like Memorial Day? Add to$5 per visit.Is your pet a puppy? They're a little more work, so add on$5at the base rate.


    2023 Pet Sitter Prices | Prices per day or night (dogs & cats) (2)

    Pet sitting prices per day

    Pet sitting prices are around$20 per dayon average. Of course, there are always variables that affect this price, e.g. B. if you need an animal taxi to pick up and drop off your animal. The price is for a dog, cat or bird and the price increases by 10%$10 for each additional pet.

    Overnight pet sitting rates

    If you would like your pet sitter to be looked after at your home overnight, this will cost from$40 to $75 per night. This arrangement has many advantages, such as:

    • You occupy your home.
    • Your pets will have company all night long.
    • You have someone on hand in case of an emergency, for example if a pet becomes ill.

    2023 Pet Sitter Prices | Prices per day or night (dogs & cats) (3)

    Pet sitting prices per week

    You can expect to pay for a five-day week$250–$375for pet care, a pet with no special needs, including home care, if the pet care involves overnight stays. (Additional pets would cost more.)

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    2023 Pet Sitter Prices | Prices per day or night (dogs & cats) (4)

    What does a pet sitter do?

    A pet sitter is your pet's backup caregiver. If you're traveling and want your pets to be lovingly cared for, maybe even in their own home, hire a pet sitter. Instead of staying with your pet all the time, the pet sitter can come by a few times a day to feed, water, and let the pet out to do their business.

    The most common pet sitting services are:

    • Keep your pets company and even take them outside to play.
    • Feed and give the pet fresh water.
    • Walk the dog outside for exercise.
    • Clean out the litter boxes and clean up any other pet mess that may occur.
    • Depending on their qualifications, they can administer medication.
    • Take your pet to vet appointments.
    • Pet sitters are often willing to bring in the mail, put out the trash cans, and water plants.

    2023 Pet Sitter Prices | Prices per day or night (dogs & cats) (5)

    House sitting rates with pets

    A house sitter who also looks after your pets does not cost anything$30 to $65 per day. Sometimes it may be more economical for you to hire a pet sitter as a combination pet sitter and house sitter. They would stay at your home with your pet every day and night until you return.

    With a house sitter, they can check the mail and water the grass and houseplants. They will be a visible presence in your home, which can help deter a burglary, and they can do some light housework to ensure you come home to a clean house.

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    • Dog sitting– A dog sitter who stays at your home costs$30-$65 per day.
    • cat is sitting– A cat sitter who stays at your home costs$30-$65 per day.
    • bird sitting- Birds are generally cared for instead of a person spending the night in their home. Depending on the size of your bird, the cost of feeding can vary$12-$18 per day.

    2023 Pet Sitter Prices | Prices per day or night (dogs & cats) (6)

    Pricing Factors for Pet Sitting

    Many things affect the price you pay for pet care such as: B. if you are located in California or Texas. The basic price can easily double if you have several pets, they are ill or elderly. It can also cost more if they are very young and still learning where to go to the bathroom.


    Smaller pets that can amuse themselves and don't need to be walked can be cheaper to pet than an active dog that needs 2-3 walks a day. Puppies may cost extra$5per visit.

    In Home/Location

    Your zip code has a lot to do with the cost of sitting pets, no matter what type of pet you have or how many. Urban areas tend to cost more than rural areas. For example, dog sitting rates in Charlotte, North Carolina are around$15 an hour, while dog sitting prices in NYC, New York are around$21 per hour.

    24-hour care

    Some pet sitters can be house sitters, pet sitters and still go to work every day, so know in advance how present you want your pet sitter to be. Most of the time you can stay on site 24/7 and not leave your pet alone for more than a few hours. Be prepared to pay more for it.

    Medical supplies

    Pet sitters can often administer medications—both oral and injected—that cost around$5–$15, depending on the type of drug and how it is administered. A shot costs more than a pill. If your pet needs hourly medical care, it can cost you about$200/Tagfor this 24/7 care level.

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    Do you want your pet to be bathed or groomed? Add to$75.

    Additional pets

    You can pay from$7–$10per additional pet, in addition to the base price of$40–$75per night. For example, if all of your pets are dogs, you may get a lower price than if you have two dogs, one cat, and three birds.

    public holidays

    Expect to pay extra on public holidays as pet sitters break their vacation traditions to look after your pet. Most pet sitters charge an additional fee$5and holidays.

    How to choose a pet sitter

    • Make sure the pet sitter is a professional. Ask if they belong to professional organizations like NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters), Professional United Pet Sitters (P.U.P.S.), or Association of Pet Sitting Excellence.
    • Choose one with atrade license and is insured and liable.
    • Check the referencesyou get from the pet sitter or your friends.
    • Ask if they aretrained in pet CPRand first aid.
    • Arrange a Meet & Greetbetween your pet and the prospective pet sitter. You should get along. If your pet needs to be persuaded to warm up at the pet sitter, choose someone else.
    • They should present professional things like contracts, payment arrangements, cancellation policy and their bad weather plan to take your dog outside.
    • If they also act as house sitters,what are you willing to doaround your house? Make sure everything is spelled out so you both have the same understanding.
    • Be sure you are comfortable with your choice.If you hesitate at all, choose someone else. This person will be at your home and will take care of your fur baby. You have to trust them.

    How much do you tip a pet sitter?

    The correct tip is approximately15 %–20 %the bill, or about$15 per night. The right amount depends on how long they've stayed in your home and whether they've gone beyond what they agreed to.

    If they've done everything they said they would do, simply leave a tip at the bottom as a token of appreciation. When they've cleaned your kitchen and mowed your lawn, you might give them more. If your pet had an emergency and they were taken to the emergency vet and stayed at the vet all night, you're probably better off considering the higher end of the spectrum and keeping their number to use again.

    Get free quotes from trusted pet sitters on HomeGuide and good luck in your search!

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    Get Free Estimates


    How much does a cat sitter cost? ›

    How much does a cat sitter make? A 30-minute cat sitting service usually ranges from about $18 to $28 per event. The average national cost of a 30-minute cat sitting service is $23.10.

    What do most pet sitters charge per day? ›

    Pet sitters charge $25 to $30 a day on average, depending on the services involved. The average cost of a 30-minute visit is $25, while overnight pet-sitting costs $75 to $85.

    How much should I pay a friend to watch my cat? ›

    If you decide to pay your friends to pet sit, a fair rate of pay is 40-50% of what you would pay a professional service. For example, a quick 15-minute drop-in visit would equal about $9 – $14 per visit.

    Is it OK for cat sitter to come once a day? ›

    Once a day

    Many cat experts agree that giving your cat half an hour of undivided attention will make for a happy, well adjusted kitty. Having your pet sitter come once a day for half an hour is usually enough time to have them clean up and play with your cat.

    Do cat sitters stay overnight? ›

    Some pet-sitting services offer standard overnight hours: one shift that is 9–10 hours long, and a longer shift that is 12 hours long, usually from 7pm to 7am. Other services will customize it to satisfy your pet's individual needs. In every case, you will need at least one daytime visit.

    How much should you charge for dog sitting? ›

    According to research completed by Thumbtack, the average dog sitter rate in the US is around $20 to $40 a day.

    How much should I pay my friend to watch my dog? ›

    “When asking [a] family member or friends to help you out with your dog when you're gone, we recommend offering to pay 60% to 70% of what a similar professional service would charge,” said Robert Bradley, founder of Superb Dog, a dog informational site.

    Are pet sitters worth it? ›

    The biggest reason to pay for a professional pet sitter is that they will provide you with more peace of mind. You can rest easy and enjoy your trip because you know they have the experience, training, and responsibility to make sure your pet gets the absolute best care while you're away.

    How many hours a day should you spend with your cat? ›

    “Several shorter play sessions tend to suit many cats better than one longer one.” Four 10-minute sessions a day is a reasonable guidepost, says Dr. Osborne. Keep in mind, however, that every cat is different and has their own unique exercise requirements.

    How much do you tip a cat sitter? ›

    Tipping a pet sitter is a personal decision. In general, you can think of it like tipping in a restaurant. If the service was okay, tip the pet sitter between 10% and 15%. If the service was above average then tip 20% or more.

    Can I pay someone to take care of my cat? ›

    Book with a highly-rated sitter who will care for your pets in your home when you're out of town. Whether it's just for the weekend, date night, or several weeks, local sitters on Wag are available to help.

    How long should cat sitter stay? ›

    If you have a cat sitter supervising them for an hour or two per day, you can safely leave them for up to a week. Any longer than that and your kitty will surely miss your constant presence at home!

    Is it better to board a cat or leave at home? ›

    Is it better to leave a cat at home or board in a cattery? Cats don't like too much change – they like to stay at home in familiar surroundings. It's best to arrange for a cat sitter to care for your cat at your home where they are happy, comfortable and safe.

    Is it OK to leave a cat alone for 3 days? ›

    No matter how independent your cat is, we do not recommend leaving your cat alone without daily visits from a friend or a professional cat-sitter for more than two or three days. Today, there are many options to care for your cat while you are away. Keep in mind that, cats tend to be independent, territorial animals.

    Are cat sitters a good idea? ›

    Cat sitting is a safe, reliable and trustworthy service providing love and care for your cat while you're away. It's a great alternative to cat boarding or a cattery. How long should a cat sitter stay? If a cat sitter is visiting once or twice a day, they should stay for around 20-40minutes per visit.

    Is cat sitter better than cattery? ›

    Generally speaking, most cats are more suited to a cat sitter than being transported to a cattery. This is a smoother and less disruptive experience for your cat, which is more suitable for the feline temperament.

    Do cats need house sitters? ›

    Cats looked after at home are happier

    You can find a host family. Or you can use a pet-sitter! But house sitters are the ideal solution when you're away any length of time, because cats are territorial animals and don't like to be moved. They enjoy human presence and need to feel their house is full of life.

    What should a cat sitter do? ›

    These include feeding, playing, and grooming your cat as well as cleaning your kitty's litter tray daily. There are cat sitters who will also offer specialized care, such as giving your cat medication.

    How long should a cat sitter stay? ›

    If you have a cat sitter supervising them for an hour or two per day, you can safely leave them for up to a week. Any longer than that and your kitty will surely miss your constant presence at home!

    How many hours a day should you be home with cat? ›

    In general, vets say it's okay to leave your cat alone for up to 24 hours at a time. As long as they have a clean litter box, access to fresh water, and a full meal before you go, they should be fine for a day. Any longer than that, though, is pushing it.


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